Who is Farzad?

Farzad is an electrical engineer living in San Francisco. He was born in Iran, but his family immigrated to the Bay Area when he was just a wee tyke. He grew up in Marin County in the small town of Novato, then moved to Berkeley for college. He has the best job he could ask for, working for a government lab in computer architecture. Besides being a massive nerd, he enjoys sports (Go Bears, Giants, Niners, and Sharks), music, concerts, and, most especially, food and drink. When it comes to food and drink, he loves cooking, checking out new restaurants and bars, and trying new cocktails and liquors (Anything with Fernet!). As a result of his job, he also is an avid traveler, be it domestically or internationally. He’s also very single (currently), and thanks to Tinder, met the Jana and then later the Lindsay. They’ve been friends ever since! He looks forward to talking about all of the crazy adventures that he will get himself into in this weird and amazing city!