The Queens: SF Themed Costume Deets!

EEPS! Halloween is almost here! If you live in SF, you know that people go big or go home. Or, since you DO live here, you can do both with a San Francisco themed costume! Here’s some of our faves!

Drag Queen

Jana went to her first drag show recently, and was in awe of the skillz those ladies have! The hair, the costumes and… THE MAKEUP! To pull this off, all y

ou need is a fabulous wig, sparkly dress, and a fierce face. Goodwill and some second hand shops (not to mention Amazon) can help out with the costume, but you’ll be lame if eyebrows not on fleek! Learn how to put your face on with this beginner’s drag tutorial here!

SF Sidewalks

Like sparkles but being a Queen a bit beyond your skills? You can easily be one of SF’s many sparkling sidewalks! All you need is a couple of sheets of black poster board strapped on with some elastic over your shoulders and a good spray glitter! This one is available on Amazon, so Prime away!


Homeless Person

This is pretty self-explanatory… Just head to one of the many Goodwills around the city and buy the grungiest clothes you can find. The more layers, the warmer and the better!


Emperor Nortonemperor-norton

If you’re feeling more classy than Homeless chic, Emperor Norton is your man! The notorious San Franciscan declared himself the Emperor of SF back in 1859. All you need is a blue military style jacket, a hot glue gun, this tutorial on how to make epaulettes, some other gold nic-nacs that can be found at your local craft store, and a top hat and saber… It’s not as challenging as it sounds, promise!


Karl the Fog

Feeling the need to be a bit more casual, but still SF famous? How about Karl the Fog? All you need is this t-shirt, stretch some cotton balls and glue on top, and then carry a fine-mist spray bottle for the full effect.


The Buena Vista Irish Coffee

All you need to be the Bay Area’s most delectable alcoholic morning beverage is a coffee colored shirt, a beanie with some pillow stuffing or cotton glued on to look like whipped cream, and a bottle of Tullamore Dew! Bonus points for this one if you share with your friends!


Gold Rush

And finally, feeling golden this Halloween? Take a cue from haute couture, and gold yourself! Check out Sephora’s Color Wash Pinterest board for tips, tools and products. gold_rush


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