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Hello! You’ve made it! Welcome to our first blog post!

This week we decided to tap into our inner college kid (read: poor) to come up with some fun things to do in the city that won’t cost an arm and a leg. We get it. Living here adds up quickly. But just because your bank account is lacking doesn’t mean your social life or fun quota has to!

Get up offa that thing… Shake it, you’ll feel better!
Movie Pass is a great way to see any movie once, everyday, nationwide for a set price! (As little at $14 per month). Basically, after paying the monthly fee it feels like you’re seeing a free movie! A majority of theaters in the city participate, but our favorites include the Alamo Drafthouse (y’all have to try the queso and iced tea for a little taste of TX!), the Metreon and the San Francisco Centre at the top of Westfield. (Insider tip: Head downstairs to Bristol Farms for some treats to smuggle in to the theater!)

Goldstar offers unique events and helps people get out more to live entertainment, like theater, comedy, sports, music, performing arts and even things like brunch cruises, classic movies, sing-alongs and more. Red Velvet Members have the ability to hold tickets for 4-hours or cancel! (Complimentary tickets and up) Lindsday and Farzad actually met via a Goldstar brunch booze cruise. So you can clearly find fame and podcast partners as well!

California Academy of Sciences Nightlife is a great way to begin unwinding from the week. Each Thursday enjoy music, creatures, and cocktails…Just don’t forget to say hi to Claude the albino alligator! ($12-$15)

If you’re feeling like a tourist in the city that you live…

Tourist Day! Check out the free Cable Car Museum for a history of the world’s only mobile National Monument, and then take a loooooooong walk (or short Cable Car ride) to The Buena Vista for Irish Coffee. (Insider tip: No room at the bar? Order your Irish Coffee to go and get a mini bottle of whiskey to add yourself as you enjoy Ghirardelli Square right around the corner!)

Photography tours are another great way to be a tourist at home! Who knows, maybe your prized shot from the day can actually help you earn some Benjamins so you are less in need of frugal ideas!

I wanna touch the earth… I wanna break it in my hands

Bay Area Vintage Base Ball (BAVBB) is celebrating 10 years of vintage base ball in the Bay Area. BAVBB plays by the rules of the Spalding 1886 rulebook and strives for historical accuracy.
BAVBB uses 12-member clubs to play 12-15 games a season in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where true grit is displayed and sportsmanship is the holy grail. Each team is outfitted in reproduction uniforms from the 1880’s, and the equipment consists of reproduction balls, gloves, bases etc that are made to look, feel, and perform as they did when the game was still home-grown. (Sunflower seeds, sunscreen, and cracker jacks)

Park it at one of our faves!
Alamo Square is often home to Lindsay and her Frenchie Opal, who can often be spotted running around and taking in the picturesque views. Great for picnics and for Full House opening credit nostalgia!

Precita Park is host to Farzad’s Annual ‘merica Bash & BBQ!

Golden Gate Park Bison Because why not see a herd of these lovable lumps in the middle of a city?

Dolores Park is the most on and poppin’ scene! Be sure to support the Coconut Rum guy! (Insider tip: cash only, so be sure you have your Hamilton ready!)

SF Botanical Garden is free for SF residents. Just bring your SF id and you’re in!

Don’t forget that you can make a difference in your neighborhood. Volunteer work party in your neighborhood parks. First weekend of every month you can volunteer with your local park, check with the Parks Alliance for more info!

If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, make sure to check it out!

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